Creative and
Cultural Center

A Grassroot Ethiopian Initiative

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As a centre designed to be a home for creatives, Zellan embraced the contradiction in its name and stands as the embodiment of the term “Living Tradition” : Standing strong with our past, eye to eye with our present and preparing a surpassing future.

Camel Lady


To build a fair and viable Ethiopian creative ecosystem that can uplift the cultural and creative economy.

The project was born out of the need for a professional and sustainable ecosystem that will prevent impassioned people from losing their momentum because of a lack of recognition.

Oasis: City in Hands


Located at the heart of Addis, the immersive Creative and Cultural Centre was the home of collaboration, discussion, progression and creation.

Zellan was dedicated to investing resources towards the creative industry and drive inclusive conversations of contemporary Ethiopian identity and arts.

Zellan was a safe space to gather and support a community of pioneers, talents, artists and creatives.


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Unsubdued and audacious art exhibitions.

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Production of original content to address the issues of contemporary Ethiopia.

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Curated events by creatives in Ethiopia that challenge, disrupt and entertain.

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Workshops to steamroll your own definition of limitation.

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Highlighting trailblazing artisans.

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Unhearthing the Ethiopian unexplored film industry and other independents.

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Creative Hub hosting entrepreneurs working on impactfull projects rooted in art and culture.